Sushi Night & more!

April 27, 2015


Hello everyone~ long time no speak! Hope you were all able to take some time off during 

mid-semester break to relax and/or travel and are ready to get back into the swing of things :D 

Thank you to everyone that came to our joint Kites Day event with DC! It's safe to say we 
were blessed with amazing weather before the great Sydney Storm of 2015 :3
We have many exciting events planned for you guys over the next couple of weeks, including 
our bi-annual Sushi Night, so invite all your friends and join us for some fun times! ✧

Facebook is also no longer allowing us to invite all of our JASS group members so please 
LITERALLY invite all your friends on FB who would be interested! (๑>◡<๑) 



JASS CreARTive Week Tea House

DATE: Monday 4th May 11am - 3pm



WHAT: A slice of Japan, right on campus! Take a break from class and drop by our 
Tea House, where we will be serving Japanese green tea, snacks and okashi for everyone!


JASS Sushi Night

DATE: Friday 15th May 6pm

COST: $5 for members, $8 for non-members

WHAT: One of our most anticipated events of the year, Sushi Night is a time for everyone 
to make their own sushi together as one big family :D We'll be providing all the 
necessary ingredients to make a kick-ass temaki roll, so all you have to do is bring yourself 
and your friends ٩(^ᴗ^)۶


JAC Orientation Food Event


DATE: Sunday 17th May 


COST: $5 (price subject to change)

WHAT: We're all foodies over at JAC and love ourselves some Japanese food...whiiiich 
is why we're having a full blown day of appreciation for this beautiful cuisine! 
Expect lots of food challenges as well as yummy food for you all to omnom on~ ⊙▽⊙


JAC Camp!!


DATE: Friday 17th - Sunday 19th July

LOCATION: Stanwell Tops Conference Centre


WHAT: JAC Camp has found a new home! If you love late night chill times with your friends, 
meeting new besties and getting up to all sorts of crazy shenanigans, then this is the camp 
for you :D We will be releasing the JASS booking forms VERY soon, so keep your eyes and 
ears peeled! There will only be 25 spots so make sure to get in quick~


Japanese Language Lessons

After a 2 week break, classes start again this week! Woop! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ



Beginners - Phill & Sho




Intermediate - Xue & Marina 






Advanced - Saya & Risa




Beginners - Yuri & Azusa







Golden Week is coming up! Japan's most well-known week of holidays includes Showa 
Day (29th April), Constitution Day (3th May), Greenery Day (4th May) and of course, 
Children's Day (5th May)! If some of you were around last year you should remember 
that JASS also celebrated Greenery Day as an ode to Golden Week (´・ω・`) 

Read up on the significance of each holiday!



On the topic of Sushi Night, wouldn't it be great if we could all have our own Sushi Bazooka??!!
Strictly speaking, this isn't made in Japan, but I think the sheer novelty and also usefulness 
of this contraption makes it worthy enough for this section! If we ever have enough JASS 
funds, you know what we'll be investing in ;D


Be blown away by this sushi masterpiece!


Japan has a soft spot for releasing strange dating sims, but I think this one knocks it out
of the park. Jun’ai Babaa Gakuen ~ Tenkousei wa 100man sai follows the lives of 4 
adorable grannies who are all for some reason a) 1 million years old, b) have the voice of a 
5 year old, c) look like the Hulk and d) aren't actually adorable at all. It's now available on
iOS and Android devices so play it if you dare! 

Once seen, you can't un-see it!



J-Movie Recommendation - Parasyte: Part 1

As many avid anime and manga fans would know, Parasyte was recently adapted into 
a 2 part live action movie series. The movie follows Shinichi Izumi (Shota Sometani) and 
the parasite Migi that has taken residence in his right hand as they join forces to battle 
other parasites they discover in their city. As with most manga to movie adaptations, 
there were a couple of holes in the adaptation that deducted from the story and the experience, 
such as the lack of emotional attachment the viewer has towards Shinichi and his 
mother's relationship. Their attempt to fit half of the manga series into less than 2 hours 
was a worrying thought and while it does not live up to the original, it is an enjoyable 
stand-alone film and has a good mix of drama, action and CGI body-horror. There is one 
scene in a restaurant that is particularly gruesome, which was exciting as this series 
wouldn't be what it is without the gore and violence. If you've never read or seen this series 
before, this movie may be a good watch for you!


Until next time,



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April 27, 2015

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