To end off the year is our bounenkai, where we celebrate the end of an eventful year and drink towards the new year! Our bounenkais usually consists of dinner (you don't have to drink if you don't want to) followed up by karaoke!

JAC Camp

JAC Camp is an annual camp held by the joint Japanese Associations Combined which consists of JASS UTS; NSA UNSW and Wasabi USYD. It is a time of relaxation, learning and making new friends between the societies. We strongly encourage members to attend this annual camp as it is a valuable experience!

Sushi Night

JASS Sushi Night is a DIY event in which participants make their own sushi with the proper ingredients and materials provided by our society. It encourages you to socialize with fellow members and learn how to make sushis ranging from onigiri to rolls.

Weekly Language Classes

Our free language classes in JASS are offered in three levels; Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level. To those who are genuinely interested in learning Japanese, this is your chance to learn Japanese for free! Likewise, if you're interested in teaching Japanese, this is your chance to gain some skills and help others!


Whether you're new to Australia or you're a resident Aussie, discover Sydney with us as we explore not only famous landmarks but also hidden gems tucked away in quaint corners of the city!

JAC Game Show Day

One of our highly anticipated annual events with our fellow JAC societies. It is a time to show your hidden athletic abiilities. Get ready for fun and games as we've got a variety of activities in store for you all!


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